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[afbeelding: Musicstar from Cottonbaby.][afbeelding: Chandelier from S-factory.][afbeelding: Bedding from Dromelot.][afbeelding: Fitted sheet from Cottonbaby, sheet from Room Seven and daughter Diede.][afbeelding: Knitted, Russian 'Babushka' dolls from Anne-Claire Petit and daughter Mette.]
Below, the ordering procedure at S-factory is explained with help of a few questions:

Question: How do I order articles at S-factory?

Ordering articles at S-factory works very simple:
Every product category can be selected on the lefthand side by clicking on it. All individual products of the selected category will be shown in this column in the middle.
In case you want to view further details / want to order a product, just click on the image of the article.

Now you have entered the details of the article, where you'll find more product information like available colors, fabrics, sizes and prices.
Here you have the option to order the article: Just click on 'Bestellen'.

In the order form, which you now have entered, you will see all articles you've ordered. You can alter the quantity and/or add remarks to your order if you want to.

Within the order form, you can choose to continue to shop ('Verder met winkelen') or to settle the order ('Afrekenen').
Note that all prices on the website are noted in Euro's, including VAT / excluding shipping costs.

In case you want to know what you've selected or want to settle the order, just click on 'Jouw bestelling' / 'Your order' in the menu on the righthand side, so you will enter the order form again.

Question: How can I settle the order?

When you've finished shopping and want to settle the order, go to 'Jouw bestelling' / 'Your order' in the menu at the righthand side.

You will enter the order form automatically, containing all your ordered products.

Next, choose the preferred shipping method. This will be the basis for us to calculate the related shipping costs of your order.
Note: In case your order needs to be shipped to an address outside The Netherlands, we will calculate the actual shipping costs via international TNT Post tariffs and confirm these to you in a separate mail, together with the order. This ensures that you never pay too much shipping costs for your order, regardless weight and destination (worldwide)!

Important: Orders over € 100,00 are FREE of any shipping & administration costs!

Next, click 'Afrekenen'.

Note that at this stage, you can still alter your order or decide not to buy. In case you decide to buy, enter all (address) details under 'Klantgegevens' and click on 'Verder'.
Overhere you can check the order details once more and select your payment method.
Finally press 'Verzend order' to send the order to us. At the same time, you will receive a clear order confirmation (in Dutch) on the mail address you entered.

(In case you want to pay via iDeal or PayPal, you will be linked to the iDeal or PayPal site directly to do the payment)

Question: Finally, how will my order be processed at S-factory?

Your order will be confirmed immediately via an automatically generated e-mail, containing the articles you ordered, your personal remarks and the order value, including automatically calculated shipping costs. In case of foreign deliveries (outside The Netherlands), these shipping costs are not correct and will be corrected via a second, manual confirmation within 24 hours. We use the standard international TNT Post tariffs without any extra charges to calculate the shipping costs.
In case you haven't received the confirmation mail within 24 hours, please contact us. Probably something went wrong with your ordering e-mail.

We try to ship your order within 2 working days after payment has been received.

If you want to add a personal message and/or want to wrap the order as a gift, please let us know under 'Opmerkingen' on the order form.
We will wrap your parcel in red party paper with white dots, all FREE OF CHARGE!

Do you want to ship to a different address than your own?
Than you have to enter this shipping address on the order form under 'Afleveradres'.

[afbeelding: Hearthangers from Colorique.]

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