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[afbeelding: Kapstok met 5 haken van Otentic] [afbeelding: Aluminium kapstok of haak van S-factory]
Hatracks, 5 hooks
(Otentic Design)
Aluminium hatrack or single hook
[afbeelding: Wit of zilveren kapstokhaakje van S-factory] [afbeelding: Diverse kastknopjes van S-factory]
White or silver coathook
Several dotted cupboard buttons
[afbeelding: Porceleinen kastknopjes van S-factory] [afbeelding: Kastknopjes 'Bloem', gestreept van S-factory]
Porcelain cupboard buttons
Cupboard buttons 'Flower', stripes
[afbeelding: Ronde, gladde kastknopjes van S-factory] [afbeelding: Kastknopjes 'Bloem' met rozetje van S-factory]
Round, grey cupboard buttons
Cupboard buttons 'Flower', rosette
This category contains brocante, romantic hatracks, coathooks and cupboard buttons for your kidsroom, nursery or elsewhere. The articles are coming from everywhere, like brocante markets abroad and several retailers, and are mostly unique and directly available from stock!! So be quick!
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