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Room Seven is well known worldwide for it's unique, beautiful bedding and clothing-collections. Top quality into every fibre, every season again!
S-factory offers you an extensive and complete range of Room Seven bedding and accessories; tough for boys and romantic for girls.
Absolute topdecoration for your kidsroom and beyond. The best quality in design, fabrics and production.
All articles of Room Seven in a glimpse.
Click on a link below for details / ordering.
Kidsroom: Bedding: Care products:
° Several toybags
° Several storage boxes
° Letter words 'Lief' & 'Stoer'
° Several hearthangers
° Several party flags
° Several aprons
° Pillowcases for boys
° Pillowcases for girls
° Mosquito net 'Organza'
° Wallpaper 'Camee'
° Wallpaper 'Dentelle Stripe'
° Wallpaper 'Check'
° Wallpaper 'Multi check'
° Wallpaper 'Dots'
° Wallpaper 'Dentelle'
° Wallpaper 'Stars'
° Wallpaper 'Stripe'
° Wallpaper 'Winter poppies'
° Wallpaper 'Patchwork'
° Wallpaper 'World map'
° Wallpaper 'Flowers day'
° Nightwear 'Nino Night' for boys
° Bathrobe 'Pink' for girls
° Nightwear 'Nightingale' for girls
° Nightwear 'Big Check Nino' for boys
° Nightwear 'Blue White Nino' for boys
° Sheets 'Croile' for girls
° Sheets 'Giraffe' for girls
° Sheets 'Bunny' for girls
° Sheets 'Ice cream' for boys
° Sheets 'Joe & Rufes' for boys
° Sheets 'Flamingo' for girls
° Sheets 'Shields' for boys
° Sheets 'Gnome' for girls
° Several beautiful fitted sheets
° Blanket 'Stripe'
° Duvet cover 'Shields' for boys
° Duvet cover 'Dolls' for girls
° Duvet cover 'Friends' for girls
° Duvet cover 'Shields' for boys
° Quilt 'Dove Pink Combo' for girls
° Quilt 'Artist' for boys
° Quilt 'Landscape' for girls
° Quilt 'Monkey' for boys
° Quilt 'Patchwork' for girls
° Quilt 'Patchwork Blocks' for boys
° Quilt 'Bunny Art Gallery' for girls
° Quilt 'Ice Cream' for boys
° Quilt 'Red White Blue Patch' for boys
° Quilt 'Shields' for boys
° Quilt 'Dolls' for girls
° Quilt 'Piece of Art' for boys
° Quilt 'Multi Patchwork' for girls
° Quilt 'Patchwork' for girls
° Daiperbag 'Patchwork Print''
° Daiperbag 'Canvas Squirrel'
° Daiperbag 'Elephant'
° Daiperbag 'Badges'
° Daiperbag 'Bunny'
° Daiperbag 'Cowboy Badges'
° Daiperbag 'Farm Girl & Boy'
° Backpack 'Patchwork Print'
° Backpack 'Badges'
° Bag 'Bakery'
° Backpack 'Garage'
° Nintendo DS cover 'Elephant'
° Backpack 'Farm'
° Big backpack 'Cowboy Badges'
° Weekend bag 'Red Flower'
° Weekend bag 'Piece of Art'
° Weekend bag 'Cowboy Badges'
° Trolley 'Old MacDonald'
° Pouch 'Elephant'
° Pouch 'I love cookies'
° Play pen floor mat 'Patchwork girls'
° Play pen floor mat 'Dove Pink Combo'
° Play pen floor mat 'Artist'
° Play pen floor mat 'Landscape'
° Play pen floor mat 'Monkey'
° Badcape 'Red Check Toadstool'
° Badcape 'Pink Toadstool'
° Badcape 'Red Star'
° Badcape 'Sweatheart'
° Changing pad 'Red dot'
° Changing pad 'Stars White Blue'
° Changing pad 'White Dots Pink'
° Changing pad 'Blue Check'
° Changing pad 'Stripe Mini Check'
° Changing pad 'Fancy Floral'
° Changing pad 'Big Check'
The articles on our website are just a small selection out of the total Room Seven collection. Check out the total Room Seven collection in our special Room Seven shop!
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